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Aflac Oui-Play

Experience the thrill of a historic moment in college basketball with the Aflac Oui-Play event in Paris, France. This groundbreaking game features former women’s basketball national champions and preseason top-10 selections Notre Dame and South Carolina facing off in the first-ever NCAA regular-season game held in Paris. Set against the backdrop of the iconic Halle Georges Carpentier Arena, the event promises not just top-tier basketball action but a celebration of sportsmanship and unity. With tickets available for a range of seating options, attendees will witness history in the making while enjoying the cultural richness of Paris. This event, airing live on ESPN, symbolizes the global reach and growing popularity of women’s college basketball, all while highlighting Aflac’s commitment to supporting athletes and the sport. Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience in November, where champions clash and history is written.