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Pioneering with passion, our women-owned, women-led enterprise thrives on innovation. Guided by resilience, we amplify diverse voices, fostering an empowering environment. Through collective strength, we redefine success, shaping a future where woman’s visions becomes reality. Join us on this inspiring journey of limitless possibilities.
What People Are Saying
  • Italian Tour Triumph

    – Tony Bennett, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, University of Virginia
    Our tour of Italy was remarkable. The young men and all of us who were on the trip will never forget what we were fortunate enough to experience. It was amazing from a cultural and educational standpoint, and we played quality competition. I would like to thank Lea Miller-Tooley and her team at CSM for doing a great job organizing the trip.
  • CSM: Masters of Memorable Trips

    – Bruce Pearl, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Auburn University
    CSM is the best in the business! What Lea Miller and her team did setting up our trip to Israel was incredible! Our Auburn Basketball family will be impacted forever!
  • CSM: The Ultimate Choice for Unforgettable Athletic Tours

    – Dustin Kerns, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Appalachian State University
    Complete Sports Management is first class in every way. I have taken two different programs as a Head Coach on summer tours with CSM and both have been a 10 out of 10 experience! They are super detailed, organized, professional, and help make your trip the best it can possibly be. Lea, Mallory, and the entire CSM staff are incredibly hospitable and go out of their way to help your student-athletes have a life-time full of memories. From a basketball standpoint they will meet your expectations to the fullest because of their sports business knowledge and expertise. I will personally never consider doing a summer tour without using Complete Sports Management.
  • First-Class, Detail-Oriented Journey by CSM

    – Juwan Howard, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, University of Michigan
    Excellent! The staff at CMS curated a first class experience with the keenest attention to every detail. A joyful experience that will be cherished for a lifetime!
  • Transformative Journey: Unforgettable Moments by Lea and Team”

    – Tommy Lloyd, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Arizona
    I’m thankful for Lea Miller and her staff for making our historic trip to Israel and Abu Dhabi the trip of a lifetime. Everything about the trip was first-class from the organization, the activities, the hotels and food! This trip made a difference in the lives of all involved. My players can’t stop talking about the memories they made together and none of it would have been possible without Lea and her team!


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