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Empowering Women in Sports: Breaking Barriers and Building Dreams

In the male-dominated field of sports management, women are not just participating; they’re leading and reshaping the industry. Complete Sports Management (CSM) is at the helm of this change, driven by its visionary CEO, Lea Miller-Tooley.

Lea Miller-Tooley and her team at CSM are breaking barriers in collegiate basketball events. Their leadership is characterized by innovation, resilience, and a passion for sports. They’ve orchestrated groundbreaking events like the first NCAA game on Parisian soil, setting new standards in the industry.

This leadership extends beyond organizing events. It’s about inspiring the next generation of women in sports management. CSM’s approach is holistic, focusing on mentorship, providing opportunities, and advocating for equality in sports.

Their work goes beyond the court. It’s about creating a space where young women can see themselves not just as participants but as leaders in sports. Whether it’s in logistics, marketing, or event management, CSM is fostering a culture where women’s contributions are recognized and celebrated.

CSM’s commitment to empowering women in sports is a beacon of hope and a testament to what can be achieved with determination and a progressive mindset. They’re not just running events; they’re building a legacy of inclusion and empowerment in sports management.

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